My 2018 LARP Calendar

A slit photo of Sylvain and Ike. Two of my New World Magichola characters, Sylvain Beckstrom (left) and Ike Quintana (right). Photos by Strike and Hide Photography.

How I intend to use most of my PTO

It’s amazing how quickly my calendar has filled up with LARP events, especially since I just started a little over a year ago. The games are fun, sure, and the worlds and characters are interesting – but to me, I keep coming back for the people. I met some awesome friends at these events (and some I keep seeing again and again), so I’m looking forward to playing with them and making some awesome (or awful, depending on goals) things happen.


20-23 – Event Horizon Larp in San Francisco

My character, Zeke Veko, from Event Horizon in 2017 works out the details of a recently committed crime to cover it up.

I went to the first one in 2017 and loved it. Science Fiction is my favorite genre and this one delivered. Back then I was a former commando and capital ship navigator turned bodyguard for a member of a criminal syndicate. Our crew had a series of misadventures that led to my character infiltrating the local police, using the position to help our criminal crew get away with a few crimes but ultimately had their head cut off.

This time around I’m looking to be a reporter or the editor-in-chief of one of the local publications … and if possible local leader of a resistance movement to help end the civil war that began on my home world after the last game.

For the Commonwealth!


25-27 – Project Ascension LARP in New York City (specifically the Lower East Side)

This is a new one with an interesting concept. Cyberpunk, which I’ve fallen in love with again after re-reading Neuromancer. The big selling point of this one is that they intend to use real-world locations so it’s possible to meet a contact at a coffee shop a few subway stops away from the central meeting point. Now since you’re likely on a mission (either criminal or nobel) you aren’t going to be advertising yourself, so the key will be to blend into the population and your surroundings.

It’s fairly short, about 14 hours of play on Saturday with workshops taking place to define the world the night before. However it is pretty local to people on the East Coast and I know a few friends are already going, so it should be good.


Basically June is Magical College Month for me.

The Imperial Magischola Crest
The Imperial Magischola Crest

07-10 – Imperial Magischola (Run 1) in Philadelphia, Pa.

At the time of this posting the website is still being finalized. I know that the creators are working diligently to get materials compiled since they are effectively creating a new part of the world within their existing magical universe. Being in Philly and being able to take SEPTA to the event is great … well except for actually taking SEPTA. I don’t have to fly/drive forever to get to the event. And it also means that other friends attending will be in an awesome city.

This one is different from the other Magical Colleges in that it is the school for the Magical 1%, so in addition to wands – most students will likely have one or more sticks up their ass, possibly the whole family tree. I’m planning on playing an Artificer, a magical tinkerer, who doesn’t like fighting but is a total badass. I think a “sun’s out, guns out” character is fun, so sleeveless formalwear is likely going to happen.

21-24 (Run 9) and 28-01 July (Run 10) – New World Magischola in Holyoke, MA

The New World Magischola Crest
The New World Magischola Crest

I’ve grouped these together since they are in the same location. They are two separate events and I’ll be playing a different character at each. I did something similar last year and I’m looking forward to continuing the stories of these two characters.

One is Sylvain Beckstrom who is a marshal (specifically a magical berserker) with very little defense (he gets beat up in fights) but he never quits. He may be involved in one or more secret organizations. He may also have infiltrated a very bad group of people to spy on them, only to learn his parents were actually members. And he may have made a deal with a half-fae that may or may not work out well for him in the end, but he doesn’t notice since he’s absolutely smitten

The other is the now graduated healer Ike Quintana who is known for drinking bourbon, reading trashy romantic novels aloud and his disdain for actually healing people. Hopefully he will become a healing professor and release the second edition of his text The Art of Healing (link is to the first edition).

How I may use my remaining PTO

These are the events that I’m not confirmed for yet.


10 – Aces & Operatives in New York City

I’m still up in the air about this one. I love the concept of playing a quick game of spy vs. spy with a few other people while getting a few drinks in. Really looking to see if anyone else is going to this. If anyone is interested, let me know.


17-20 – Living Games Conference in Peabody, MA

Not technically a LARP, but larp-related. I know a few others are heading up and it seems interesting. I’ve had an itch about LARP being used in an academic setting, specifically around history but also in terms of socialization – especially as a mechanism for teaching agency of the self and consent. I’ll probably decide in the next month or so.


02-05 – GenCon in Indianapolis, IN

I’ve heard good things about the various LARPs and other activities here and it’s a direct flight from Philadelphia, so I don’t have much of an excuse. Attendance here will largely be based on who else is going, but at the moment it looks like I have a lot of friends that will be there. Suggestions for which specific games to play once there are welcome.


22-25 – College of Wizardry (Run 19) at Czocha Castle in Poland

This one I’d really like to go to, however I didn’t make the first cut for tickets so am currently on the waitlist. I’ve been told there are five others ahead of me. I have a feeling this will probably come together last minute, which means I will have very little time to prep compared to the other players. Not necessarily a bad thing, since my usual style is to prep a few weeks out anyway – cramming for games as I’ve done for classes and most other things in my life. It’s really the last minute pressure that is a catalyst for my success. Also I feel I’m going to borrow concepts heavily from my Imperial character … though long sleeves might be prefered in Europe over Thanksgiving.