Supporting Friends and Awesome People

The cover to chapter 43 of The Deathworlders by Philip R. Johnson. Art by Sam Pipes.

Check these Out

I’m a fan of Patreon and other services that let me support my friends and other awesome people. It’s like a monthly subscription to awesome. 


Katherine Schuttler – My friend Katherine writes fiction … and some fan-fiction in the Magischola Universe. Kind of wanted to see what someone else’s take would be on my drunk healer Ike Quintana. Katherine is also the one who helped come up with the joke book covers for Ophelia Balles (read aloud if you don’t get the joke). As to be expected, some of the contents are NSFW.

TheAlchemicFox – My friend from LARP has her own Youtube Channel of the same name. She does awesome cosplay and makes funny fan videos and shorts that put characters from anime (such as Attack on Titian) and other media (such as Harry Potter) into interesting, adult and non-cannon situations. Her videos brought me a bit of much-needed humor during a difficult time in my life, so hopefully they can brighten your day as well.

Hambone – Humanity, Fuck Yeah! The Deathworlders, an awesome web-based Sci-Fi novel that presents an answer to the question “What if Earth is Space Australia?” Basically humans are stronger, more predatory, and a lot more paranoid than other species in the galaxy. Feared by most, loved by some and attacked by greater powers. I will admit that the writing quality has improved over the course of the work. You can also read it from the beginning.

The Geek Initiative – My friend Tara founded TGI as a way of celebrating women in geek culture. She’s created several games (including a sci-fi one about generation ships and another where superheros attend group therapy) and is turning larping into a business for herself (in addition to some editing work), so it’s nice to see her growing something good and for a good cause.

McSweeny’s Internet Tendency – I enjoy the creative and humorous writing and have for many years. If there is nothing else you read of them, please read this piece about the autumn season by Colin Nissan titled IT’S DECORATIVE GOURD SEASON, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Jacqueline Bryx – My friend Jacqueline creates some pretty awesome games such as “Duck and Cover”. Picture a high school decorating for prom with all the usual cliques and tropes, but then a nuclear war breaks out. Or picture some light-hearted family drama of two families becoming one at a wedding … except that one of the intended is a ghost, and not only is the cursed immortal there with their new spouse, but their two prior spouses are also present in ghost form. And of course my favorite The Porch (a Golden Cobra Design Award winner in 2016) which just brought back so many feelings of nostalgia for home as it involves sitting around in a small town talking about the future.

Drip (this is a new thing)

Bully Pulpit Games – Drip seems to be the Kickstarter answer to Patreon. Bully Pulpit Games makes some of my favorite games, including Fiasco.