First Post*

Just a general headshot of me. The hat and glasses aren't things I typically wear, but I was dressing for a character in a game I played in Poland in 2018.

Welcome back … again

I’m not entirely sure that the term “First Post” is accurate, hence the asterisk. I’ve lost count of the number of times over the years I have made and subsequently remade this site. (I’m restarting my site in 2019, having copied and pasted most of this text from when I restarted it in 2018). Over the years I’ve spent more time selecting/customizing themes and color schemes than actually putting together content.

Scattered across the Internet were several crumbs of projects and ideas I had in the past. I’ve forgotten about some and others I vaguely recalled creating, more surprised at how long ago I lost touch with them.

After playing around with Joomla and subsequently breaking my test site through upgrades, I decided to nuke it and start fresh. (I managed to neglect enabling automatic backups, which became a contributing factor). However I noted that DreamHost, my service provider had a streamlined hosting package for WordPress. This would take a lot of my usual fumbling out of the equation.

What took me a few late nights in the past or a weekend without anything else important going on to stand up a site was now accomplished in a few hours, mostly due to waiting for the updated DNS to propagate. This is why I’m now able to type this, having had minimal activities for the setup of the site. There are still things to play around with, such as sections and organizational aspects, but the heavy technical lifting is complete. Hopefully this will be the last “First Post” for some time.

If anyone has any thoughts on what this site should include or changes to make , comments should be enabled below. Otherwise, reach out to me on one of the half-dozen other communication methods that exist.

Cheers! (Again)