Spending a quiet Battlesword Sunday hitting people with weapons

Yes I’m probably way more excited about Battlesword this than I should be. But I get to wear full riot armor and hit people full force with (plastic) swords. It’s full-contact and defense is important not just to save your crystals, but to ensure you don’t get hit and bruised in areas that the armor doesn’t cover. But a few sore spots don’t detract from the fun and I wear mine proudly as proof that I was in combat.


I decided to seed my Fiction Writing section with a few stories that have been gathering digital dust on hard drives. This one started with an odd dream that I had more than 10 years ago and I wrote it down. I’ve since made plans to turn it into a larger work, but feel like sharing it here. I’d like to think I’ve grown as a writer since then, but like with most of my works – I don’t really remember writing this and I’ve made a few minor edits as I’ve posted (the written word is never truly perfect). 

How I intend to use most of my PTO

It’s amazing how quickly my calendar has filled up with LARP events, especially since I just started a little over a year ago. The games are fun, sure, and the worlds and characters are interesting – but to me, I keep coming back for the people. I met some awesome friends at these events (and some I keep seeing again and again), so I’m looking forward to playing with them and making some awesome (or awful, depending on goals) things happen.

Welcome back … again

I’m not entirely sure that the term “First Post” is accurate, hence the asterisk. I’ve lost count of the number of times over the years I have made and subsequently remade this site. I’ve spent more time selecting/customizing themes and color schemes than actually putting together content.